Is Evan Centopani natural or on steroids ?

Evan Centopani is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, and a professional athlete.

Due to aesthetic physique, most of the people asked for steroid and also Evan Centopani steroids rumors are spread.

How IFBB Pro Evan Centopani Eats to Build Muscle

So what do you think in your mind?

Is the guy completely natural or whether he is roid user?

Before starting some investigation through assumptions and physical evidence, let’s have a look background of Evan Centopani and his hard work throughout his career in the bodybuilding.

The incredible physique of Evan allowed him to win several shows in America.

He won the number of IFBB shows which are held in the New York Pro and the Tampa Pro.

Evan Centopani Journey

Evan at the time of prep school not very active and involved in the sports

He got his motivation through ride his bicycle and impressed by pushing the pedals through strength or weight.

This small spark contributes to jack his motivation high and developed interest towards strength training.

Weight Issues Since Childhood:

Evan suffered from a weight issue initially so he dominated the child-hood and teens to a bodybuilding.

When he was only 15 years old, so he became struggled for developing the strength by using sizes.

At the age 12, he was already 220Ibs and diagnosed as clinically obese., nicknamed “the ox”.

He had addicted towards food that is rich in fat and processed foods, love to eat snacks.

With a time, even gradually started interest in the workouts as well as nutrition.

  • Pro Card:

Evan had not started bodybuilding as a powerful career until he was 23 years old.

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But after 23, he decided to show off well toned physique off to the world and started to compete at the shows.

The copious hard work and training allow him to build up the upgraded physique and entered into every competition.

He got his Pro Card at the year 2007 and stepped as a professional career.

Athlete Statistics Of Evan Centopani:
  • Weight of the body: 255-265lbs (115.6-120.2kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’

According to nattyornot, a man with a height 5’11 or 180 cm can naturally gain the 177Ibs (80kg)

While Evan Centopani is 50 to 60 Ibs bigger than a normal range, which is an indication of steroid use.

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IFBB (International Federation Of Bodybuilding And Fitness)

Since Evan is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, so he probably drug tests from the international bodybuilding federation.

Meals On The Go with Evan Centopani

This federation tests for blood and urine tests which can easily cheat by participants before quitting steroids for one week, results in body fluids are free from the drugs.

This is not an authentic proof for justifying the statement, we need to go further for a strong evidence.

Physical Evidence Of Steroid Use:

If we look up the physical appearance of Evan, so he does not have a natural look.

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Evan has a bigger trap which is a strong indication of steroid because the Trapezius muscles are response first as a result of steroid due to the presence of androgen receptors.

The other symptom of steroid is an Evan Centopani dark color of the skin due to the elevated temperature of the body and increased vascularity in all over the body due to thinning of the skin.

There are many peoples who use the steroid but everyone would not develop a physique like Evan Centopani because it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and genetics as well.

No matter, you have steroid with your routine, because the drugs result only enhances by a massive exercise and proper nutrition.

We have mentioned Evan Centopani nutrition and workout.

Evan Centopani Nutrition:

The Evan nutrition is extremely healthy and includes the nutritious fruits, meat, and vegetables for providing the energy and developed the muscle by reducing the fat

Evan Centopani - Back Workout 4 weeksEvan selected meal in advance of eating by storing them in the individual containers or a refrigerator.

Thus he avoids every type of hassle during the training.

Off- Season Nutrition:

In the off-season, Evan loves to eat unique meals as he got a chance for eating maximum calories.

The off-season diet is mainly composed of roasted chicken, rosemary boiled potatoes, and garlic rapini.

These types of meals allow Evan to enjoy his bulking season by eating a pasta, meatballs and steak dishes.

Competition Diet:

Evan diet for a competition is completely natural and consisted of lean meats and reduce the content of carbohydrate, so he can easily bulk up with a quality of muscle at the same time.

Meals Diet
Meal 1 6 whole eggs
Meal 2 1/3 cup macadamia nuts, 8oz chicken
Meal 3 2tbsp peanut butter, 50g ISO Whey
Meal 4 1/3 cup macadamia nuts, 8oz chicken
Meal 5 2 cups broccoli, 2tbsp olive oil, 8 Oz steak
Meal 6 2tbsp peanut butter, 50g ISO Whey

Workout Regimen

Evan Centopani works for five days and three days are off.

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The day 1 designed for legs workout, Day 2 Is Off, Day 3 Is For Chest And Tris, Day 4 Exercise Target Back A, Day 5 Off, Hams And Calves Are On Day 6, While Delts And Bis Are On Day 7 And Day 8 Is Off

Barbell Curl:

The dumbbell curl, barbell curls are Important for Evan

He used to complete the lifts and more effective.

Triceps Dip:

He had the several free weight exercises, switches from body weight to machine exercises in a short period of time.

According to Evan,  the dip is an ideal for the triceps section of the workout and require only more weight before the pre-competition.

Rope Push Downs:

The exercise does not require the massive weights.

He has a goal to complete 20 sets of reps and 20-30 seconds of rest.


We don’t have any authority to judge anyone for steroid use or natural and don’t have an idea about the actual truth.

Winter Bulking Workout Program

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It’s hard to say, but the Evan physical appearance shows that he probably takes the steroid.

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